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GRAMMR gene shuffling technology represents a revolutionary advance in protein engineering. Unconstrained by the limitations of conventional methodologies, GRAMMR maximizes natural diversity at the outset. Enhanced diversity shuffling further explores complex variants through natural diversity and the introduction of select non-natural sources.

GRAMMR Libraries Deliver:

Maximum Genetic Fitness: An unrestricted starting gene pool rapidly produces unmatched heterogeneity and functional diversity.

Intense Sequence Landscape Saturation: Complex natural and non-natural variants provide for exceptional targeted gene performance.

Robust Gene Sets: High crossover frequency and minimal mutational drift without significant hotspot artifacts.

Broad Application Compatibility: Wide cell type and vector system compatibility provides the flexibility to meet a range of project needs.

Speed and Scalability: Predictable quality libraries to fulfill variant gene needs from thousands to hundreds of millions. Quickly.

Unmatched per-Gene Cost Efficiency: The GRAMMR process consistently produces very large numbers of extremely high quality genes for a low per-gene investment.

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