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Novel Compounds, Maximum Expression

Efficient bio/pharmaceutical candidate yield and functional superiority are essential components of quality and lean manufacturability. These are critical factors for minimizing opportunity cost and maximizing return-on-investment.

 In partnership with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), Novici generated recombinant, Type I human interferons with enhanced antiviral activity against four unrelated, highly pathogenic viruses.

These novel biologics deliver the potency to combat viral threats more effectively, and more cost-efficiently, than commercially available interferons.

Novici continues to develop variant protein libraries including lambda interferons, antimicrobial lectins, and enzyme replacement therapeutics. This technology is also directly applicable to other cytokines, growth factors, and antibodies.

A Unique, Generic Advantage

Goals of improved gene expression and reduced manufacturing costs are typically at odds: a dilemma for most generic biologics manufacturers. Fortunately, Novici’s GRAMMR technology provides the means to rapidly maximize gene expression and streamline manufacturing costs.

Through an ongoing partnership with a biologics leader, Novici incorporates GRAMMR technology into specified host and expression conditions. This allows us to quickly customize yield and process performance profiles for maximum efficiency.

As a result of these collaborative efforts, target yields have been increased by several fold,  for dramatic improvements in development time & product quality.


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