Industry leaders spend enormous amounts of time, effort, and resources on highly speculative gene research. Novici provides a better alternative.

GRAMMR technology allows us to address industrial enzyme performance requirements and produce high quality, pre-qualified candidate molecules. Quickly and cost-efficiently.

Efficient carbon capture and storage is essential in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, current methods negatively impact power potential by 30% and ultimately increase costs by as much as 50%. To combat this inefficiency, Novici has produced a family of highly stable, selective catalysts for capturing CO2 .

Our uniquely effective carbonic anhydrase enzymes provide a route to achieving the enhanced thermal stability needed to achieve real cost-effective carbon capture efficiency.

Novici is actively pursuing the use of GRAMMR technology for a range of industrial biotechnology applications, including biofuels, energy, and biosynthesis of small molecule pharmaceuticals & metabolites.


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